We Indians are steeped in traditions, especially when it comes to Food & Drinks apart from our Culture and festivals. We adore different cuisines that are spicy and mouthwatering, pleasing our palates. Certainly having them is a pleasure but digesting them may sometimes pose a problem. Jaljeera, which is a popular traditional drink is a perfect answer to all digestion needs.

India is a warm and humid country. We tend to get thirsty several times during the day. Especially between the swelter hot conditions in March and June when we feel dehydrated our bodies demand cool, refreshing drinks. Drinks which take care of our body systems and which also work as protector of our health against hot summer winds (Looo).

Jayanti Group, a leading agri-product business house based in Alwar, Rajhasthan has given a new dimension to soft drink and snack business. With a perspective going beyond mere profit-making, it focuses on the needs of its customers, thus, delivering exceptional qualities in every product it offers.

Late shri Jayanti Prasad Jain, a man with relentless commitment, brought a new dynamism to the business. He deployed new process, added new product line and open new markets. His vision, ideas and contributions would be remembered for a long time to come.
Certified under 9001-14001-2004, Jayanti employs state-of-the- art technology and strictly adheres to the standard prescribed by HACCP, insuring high quality of its product. Giving utmost priority to its customer, it takes complete care of hygiene of the product, maintaining its freshness and flavor.